Title: Clinical Pediatrics – History Taking And Case Discussions - Aruchamy Lakshmanaswamy

Testimonial: The book is illustrative and contains relevant pictures of disease conditions, to help in better understanding.


Title:- Essentials of Gynecology - Lakshmi Seshadri

Testimonial: This kindles the readers mind to start applying the subject matter and begin to read and understand the subject with the patient in mind.


Title:- Locking Plates: Concepts and Applications-Anand J Thakur

Testimonial: Internal fixation of a fracture using plate osteosynthesis is an both an ‘Art and a Science’ and this book by Dr. A. J. Thakur embodies these two concepts beautifully. Although the book is titled as ‘Locking Plates’ the range and scope of the book is much wider. This book not only lays down the concepts of Locking Plates but is a gold mine of technical tips and pearls that can only come from a life long experience in handling and operating fractures. The book consists of two parts; the first part deals with basic Science about fracture healing, plating and locking plates specifically while the second part of the book is named ‘Regional applications’ and deals with the Art of using the tools correctly for various fractures. First part is essentially the theory which arms the reader with all information needed to make an informed and sound decision on use of Locking plates. The second part is the real ‘Goldmine’ and contains years of knowledge and rational thought process of the author on treatment of various fractures starting from clavicle and ribs, including hand and small bones along with all other major fractures. The layout of the chapters is such that to keep the chapters concise and at the same time provide maximum technical tips and pearls. The language is very lucid and easy to read. Both practicing surgeons and post graduates students will definitely find this book very useful to them.

For details, you can refer to the Book Review section at the following link Journal of Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association

Dr Ashok Shyam-Indian Orthopaedic Research Group, Mumbai
Dr. Munish Khanna (Editorial) Dr. Munish Khanna (Editorial)

I have recently completed four years at Wolters Kluwer (India) and it has been a wonderful journey. Looking back, I think I have grown both at professional as well as personal level. Developing, editing and managing content of the books is difficult but a fulfilling and creative experience. The journey is still on with many more challenges waiting for me.

Madhur Malhotra (Marketing) Madhur Malhotra (Marketing)

Wolters Kluwer has provided me lot of opportunities to execute at different levels which have enhanced my learning on multiple processes. Our management has always been approachable and respects new initiatives. I enjoy the strong bond between team members and the willingness of senior people to work with new employees in a supportive manner. WK probably has the most open work culture in the industry, which allows you to share your ideas to contribute in the growth of the organization.

P. Sangeetha (Editorial) P. Sangeetha (Editorial)

It's a journey of four complete years in Wolters Kluwer (India) for me, which has been fulfilling, gratifying and challenging - all in one, and still continuing to be so. Working on every book from its concept stage till seeing it as a finished product is a great experience with lots of learning and takeaways. The amount of team-work involved in creating a product has made me more respectful towards the creators who are behind each of such product. Thanks to Wolters Kluwer for the opportunity.

Priya Francis (Customer Support) Priya Francis (Customer Support)

Wolters Kluwer is a place where I got the chance to develop my personal and professional skills. Pleasant work environment, experienced and skilled team members and extensive support from the management team has always made me feel comfortable. Wolters Kluwer allows people to accept challenges and follow them through to excellence and provides an opportunity to grow with the company. Apart from this, caring team members and a polite management encourages one to work here for long period. This is a place where one can share and implement their ideas. My Best Wishes for a continued success path.